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Unclimbed Peaks in Pakistan


Gligit Baltsitan has 05 peaks over 8,000 meters including the world’s second highest peak K-2 (Godwin Austin) (8611m) 29 peaks of over 7,500 meters and 121 peaks of over 7,000 meters. Several of the peaks are still virgin. This is a great challenge for the mountaineers and mountain Lovers the world over. Vertical Pleasures and Elusive Summits, the conclusion that the Karakorams would be the place to be if you wanted to climb new routes on (unclimbed) peaks in one of the world’s wildest mountain panorama.
There is plenty of information to be had on the popular Baltoro Glacier area and this is where the majority of climbers head to. More attractive and more advantageous with ascending an unclimbed peak, the area to the north and west, between the eastern reaches of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram although this region doesn't have the more famous peaks, it is remote, wild and beautiful and there are several mountains between 7,500m- 6,500m range still to have an ascent. A general time-frame is to allow six weeks for a peak under 7000m and up to ten weeks for peaks between 7500-8500m range. The walk into base camp, complete with porters and base camp staff, can take six days depending on the distance of your peak base-camp location. Base-camp will be anywhere between 4000-5000m in Pakistan.

un climbed peaks

Un-Named Peak 7780 m Karakoram
Un-Named Peak 7600 m Karakoram
Saser Kangri II East  7513 m Karakoram
Mucho Chhish  7453 m Karakoram
Saser Kangri III 7495 m Karakoram
Batura V 7400 m Karakoram
Khinyang Chhish East  7400 m Karakoram
Kangbachen West  7385 m Karakoram
Manresa Zom  7352 m Karakoram
Pumari Chhish South  7350 m Karakoram
Chongtar Kangri  7330 m Karakoram
Ultar Sar North  7310 m Karakoram
Rakaposhi N-East  7290 m Karakoram
Summari  7263 m Karakoram
Peak Mandu Peak  7221 m Karakoram
Bularang Sar 7200 m Karakoram
Summa Peak (South) 7170 m Karakoram
Braq paari Peak 7156 m Karakoram
Mandu  7127 m Karakoram
Karpo-Go 7090 m Karakoram
Un-Named Peak (S) 7100 m Hindu Kush
Urgent Peak 7038 m Hindu Kush 
Pamri Sar Peak 7016 m Karakoram
Ultar Sar South-East 7000 m Karakoram
Shingeik  Peak(E) 6653 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6593 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6500 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6390 m Hindu Kush
Un-Named Peak 6300 m Hindu Kush
Sotolpa Peak 6300 m Karakoram
Bondit Peak 7000 m Karakoram
Kharidas Peak 6400 m Karakoram