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Rock carving tour


By now you are probably quite familiar with the adventures encompassing the mountain ranges and valleys of the North. Now we are about to take you a little back in time on a trip that will inform you about the ancient people that inhabited this region for thousands of years and how they portrayed their cultural heritage on stones, rocks and mountain sides. One can learn a lot from pictorial stories carved by the ancients onto rocks about their lives, their environment and their habitat. We start by visiting the ancient Buddhist Rock Carvings of 2nd to 4th century Ad at Shatial and Chilas before arriving in Gilgit, an important historic town of the Silk Route. Another breathtaking sight is the famous Ganesh rock and Sacred rock. Along the Hunza river, we will cross the Ganesh bridge and record 2000 years of travel by various people along the silk route. Rock inscriptions that are best translated have been carved in various languages of the ancient world. Ashoka inscriptions as old as 2500BC are an astounding vision of history as occurred during that period. A trip to Shahbas Garha near Chardsada (between Peshawar and Swat) will be a lifetime experience. Come and see for yourself!


1 Islamabad Arrival and sightseeing
2 Drive to Besham
3 Drive to  Chilas  
4 Drive to Gilgit
5 Drive to Skardu
6 Skardu Sightseeing
7 Fly to Islamabad or Drive to Besham
8 Islamabad rest day or drive Taxila/Islamabad
9 Fly out