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Rakaposhi, is one of the most magnificent peak found in the world today. It is situated near the town of Gilgit and with a height of 7,788m/25,551ft it is easily climbable from all sides. The peak dominates the horizon and is constantly visible from the Karakoram Highway. It looks so beautiful that at first glance inspires charm and lures an onlooker to be in its abode. Accessing the peak is quite easy, which only adds to its attraction. The peak is surrounded by famous glaciers/valleys like Barpu, Biro, Bagrot and Pisan. In 1892, a large expedition of W.M. Conway, a British traveler and mountaineer explored the Barpu valley. The party also explored the nearby Bagrot valley. In order to visit the valley, Conway had to travel from Srinagar to Gilgit over Burzil pass. In those days this was the only identified and permissible route to enter the area.


1 Arrive Islamabad. Overnight in hotel. 
2 Briefing at the Ministry of Tourism. 
3 Drive to Chilas. Overnight in hotel. 
4 Drive to Gilgit. Overnight in hotel.
5-7 Jeep drive to Juglot village. 3 day trek to Rakaposhi base camp.
8-38 Climbing Rakaposhi. 
39-41 Trek to Juglot village. Drive by Jeep Gilgit. Overnight in hotel.
42 Drive to Chilas. Overnight in hotel. 
43 Drive to Islamabad. Overnight in hotel.
44 De-briefing in the Ministry of Tourism.
45 Fly home to the destination.