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Changi Tower 5820m

Range: Karakoram                       Height:    5820M

Zone:    Open                                 Duration:   30 days

Best time:    May - September

An Australian/New Zealand party also made first ascents in the Nangma Valley Kanday. The all-women's team of Abby Watkins, Vera Wong and Nicola Woodford climbed Excess Baggage on the 5,300m Changi Tower. The route works left up the main rock wall to climb a prominent crack system and snow slope above to the main summit. Difficulties were rated at 5.10 and A2+. Watkins and Wong currently hold the women's speed record for an ascent of the Nose on El Capitan (16 hours and 40 minutes). New Zealanders, New Norton and Paul Weber, also climbed a route on the Changi Tower, starting to the left of Excess Baggage up a slanting corner system then cutting through the last named route to finish on the North Summit. The climb was completed in 10 days at 5.10 and A1, involved 26 pitches and was christened " Just a Quickie " as the pair had originally thought it would provide a quick warm-up climb before heading off for greater things.

Changi Tower East Face:

In 1998 the East Face was climbed by two routes Just a Quickie " (Norton/Weber: 5.10+ and A0) to the North Summit (c5, 800m) and Excess Baggage (Watkins, Wong, Woolford: 5.10+ and A2+) to the main summit (5820m). Rubén Aramendia, Fermin Izco and Mikel Zabalza, compatriots of the Spanish team on Amin Brakk, set up Base Camp on the 26th June at 4300m, further up the Nangma Valley from the glacier branch leading to Amin Brakk. From there they then tackled a line on the East Face of the multi-summited and somewhat complex 5820m Changi Tower.